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30% of our students achieved results in the Outstanding Band in all three subjects at Year 6!

Further to our previous post highlighting our students' wonderful results in last year's Year 6 checkpoint exams, we would like to congratulate the following 10 students for having achieved "outstanding" scores in all three of their subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. We are very proud of them!

Christon Asher
Rupenthiraa Rishu Ramesh Babu

Suhailah Binti Zasad
Somu Subramanian

Soha Sarikha Jamini
Akther Arfana

Nagesh Magizhini
Naveed Hussain Nadia

Yamili Ramesh Kumar
Kree Babulala Sanjit

We are very proud of all of them. We look forward to seeing their progress in their educational journey in this and the coming years. We also wish Sanjit (who has since moved to a local school) all the best in the rest of his education.

While these students performed wonderfully well, we are proud of the whole class of students. Everyone cleared the checkpoint examinations and did really well:

  • All of our students achieved either a "High" or "Outstanding" band in Mathematics

  • In Science, 94% of our students scored in the "High" or "Outstanding" bands, and 79% of these were in "Outstanding" band

  • 88% of our students received "High" or "Outstanding" in English as a First Language.

We are very proud of the progress made by each and every one of them.

We aim to continue to do better and help all our students achieve the best they can, both in academic and non-academic pursuits.


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