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PBS, PBM, BA (Arts) Hons, M (Ed)

Director / Consultant / Manager

bhajan singh_edited.jpg

Mr Bhajan Singh began his career as a teacher at Raffles Institution and continued at Bartley Secondary School. This was followed by being a Principal at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School and Si Ling Secondary School. During his career, as an educationist, he was a Consultant to the Singapore School for the Blind from 1979 to 1982. Since retirement, as a School Principal, Bhajan Singh has served as a Consultant and Staff Development Expert to the Thai Sikh International School in Bangkok. In the course of this, he has become a leading expert in International Education.

Working in the field of educational leadership and consultancy for more than 25 years, Mr Singh has developed an original and innovative Student Needs-based Model of Education, which focuses on achieving international educational excellence, and at the same time Nurturing Creativity, Universal Values and Leadership, among the young.

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