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ENDOW at Sembawang Park

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Before we wrapped up Semester 1 2022, we had one last event on our cards: an Enrichment and Discovery on Wheels (ENDOW) program - a visit to Sembawang Park! This visit was part of our ongoing Discover Singapore Series (DSS), through which we have been taking our students to various parts of our lovely island to discover, learn and explore.

Getting there

On the 27th of May 2022, arriving at the school at 8.30 am, and at 9am, under the supervision of teachers and student councillors, the whole school began their journey to the park.

Sembawang Park is almost as far north as you can go in Singapore. A park full of interesting play areas, nature, history and culture. It was a perfect spot for an ENDOW Trip.

Our ENDOW Programme

At Lotus Bridge, we aim to ensure education happens everywhere, not just in the classrooms. This philosophy is what prompted our ENDOW programme which started with a trip to MacRitchie Reservoir in 2019.

The objectives of our ENDOW programme are to:

1. Relate classroom teaching and learning to real life situations

2. Promote creativity among all Lotus Bridge staff and students

3. Develop in our students’ the qualities of initiative, leadership and teamwork

4. Provide LOTUSIANs with the opportunity and training to acquire knowledge in an authentic learning environment

At Sembawang Park

Students played through at the Angles playground and the physical fitness and exercise area, learning specific skills and encouraging each other to test their abilities (under careful supervision, of course!).

There were more fun physical activities with students doing jumping jacks and playing in the sandpit. Football and a telematch in the open field also challenged the students physical and cognitive skills and encouraged healthy active lifestyles. Activities like these also go a long way in strengthening self-esteem, confidence and teamwork.

At Beaulieu House, a fun treasure hunt was on the cards! Through the treasure hunt, students practiced problem-solving and cooperation while learning about the art, architecture and history of this beautiful old colonial-style house that is now a seafood restaurant.

Learning about Singapore's social context and history continued at the jetty facing Johor from the Sembawang Port; learning about the history of the Naval Base and WWII.

On to nature, and students had a lot of fun looking down at the aquatic environment and its ever-changing nature. At the same time, they learnt to assess risks around them.

Throughout the day, and especially in the Sembawang Field, students were given the opportunity to record their observations and find out more about the plants and animals in this park. The park has an amazing array of flora and fauna, and is especially teeming with birds. The students had tons to observe and record, which made for a very different learning experience.

Logistics and Wrap Up

An all-day event, with many activities for the students to participate in - snacks and drinking water was provided to ensure our students were well-hydrated and able to keep their energy levels up during their trip.

Students were also provided with a Reflective Learning Journal to document and consolidate their learning during the ENDOW excursion - an essential part of their experience outdoors.

Our ENDOW programme has always been well-received, and this was no different. Our students enjoyed the experience of being outdoors and learning in a different way. Our teachers also enjoy the opportunity to bring learning opportunities to our students in new environments.

Teachers and students alike had an exciting day out at a location that is full of inspiring nature, history, culture and lots of opportunities to get the blood pumping with exercise.

Fun, fitness and learning - a successful day all around!


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