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LBIS Featured by Global Education Allies

In 2019, a team of teachers from the U.S. and Finland who were part of Global Education Allies came to Singapore, and LBIS was one of the schools they visited.

Global Education Allies is an organisation that aims to facilitate 'opportunities and experiences for educators around the world to work together on enhancing their classrooms and schools in innovative ways.'

Their three objectives are to:

  1. Prepare and lead educators on professional development excursions abroad to discover and learn from new educational systems and cultures.

  2. Connect educators directly with their global peers and colleagues to create collaborative learning projects and to expand their own as well as their students’ worldview.

  3. Assist educators in developing global education opportunities for their students, including international excursions with GEA logistical support.

In April 2022, their visit to LBIS and our Student-Centred Model of Education based on Universal Values was published on their blog

We were excited and humbled that they chose to feature the niche education vision of our school.

Click here to read their interview with our director, Bhajan Singh on the evolution of our student-centred approach to teaching and learning.

The School is glad to be able to continue our relationship with Global Education Allies and look forward to future engagement with them.

Here are some photos from their trip to our school in 2019.



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