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Lotus Bridge Success at Tirukkural Vizha 2024 Tamil Literacy Competition

The Tirukkural Vizha 2024 Tamil Literacy Competitions were held on Sunday, 10th March 2024.

We are very excited to share that four of our students from years 5 and 6 participated in the competitions and all four won prizes!

Two students Mohamed Haneef Afrah (Year 5) and Mohan Nithya Praanav (Year 6) won the top prize! Mohamed Haneef Arafa (Year 5) won the 3rd place prize and Vrishak Hariharan (Year 6) won a motivational prize.

Competition Day

The Tirukkural is a compilation of 1300 kurals (short couplets of 7 words each) by Thiruvalluvar, covering the topics of aram (virtue), porul (wealth) and kaman or inbam (love/desire). Considered a secular and universal 'common creed' that provides a guide for human morality and betterment, this ancient text (believed to be 1500-2300 years old) is one of the most revered texts in the Tamil language and in Tamil literature.

For the competition, students were first required to recite 10 kurals from the Tirukkural within four minutes. They were then required to recite the first 5 kurals and explain them within 2 minutes.

Photo from the day of the competition with all four students and their certificates of participation. From Left: Mohamed Haneef Afrah (First Place), Mohan Nithya Praanav (First Place), Vrishak Hariharan (Motivational Prize) and Mohamed Haneef Arafa (Third Place)

Competition Day. Left to Right: Vrishak, Praanav, Arafa and Afrah next to the statue of Thiruvalluvar, author of the Tirukkural.

Prize Giving Ceremony

We are very proud of our students and we enjoyed celebrating their successes with them at the Prize Giving Ceremony held on Sunday, 31st March 2024 Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre.

Our students with their trophies and certificates. Left: Arafa, Afrah and Praanav. Right: Vrishak.



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