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Science Buskers 2022: Lotus Bridge International clinched TWO Judges Awards!

Congratulations to our wonderful students and teachers who were part of the preparation and presentations in the Science Buskers Competition. We are proud to be the ONLY international School in Singapore to have had three teams in the National Level Finals, with two of them receiving judges' awards!

The Science Buskers Competition

The Singapore Science Buskers is an Annual Competition run by the Singapore Science Centre, for all schools in the country, that aims to:

  • promote Science communication and Science in creative ways

  • generate interest in Science communication

  • promote Science learning in fun and engaging ways

  • raise public awareness in Science

The Finalists and their Projects

Several months of efforts by students and staff involving brainstorming, planning and practicing their presentations resulted in three of our four secondary teams moving forward to the finals of the competition. There were a total of more than 350 teams. Amidst the tough competition, we are proud to share that we were the ONLY international school that had made it to finals.

Below are our three finalist teams, a description of their presentations and their team members.

Shining Armour (S127)

- Inspired by Lord of the Rings, three warriors try to build a lava lamp and concepts from Acid and Carbonate to destroy Sauron's ring and save the world from evil.

Members: Das Joy Kumar, Rohith Murali, and Suresh Sathyanarayanan

Snowy Peaks (S128)

- Lotus Chefs present: Making Whipped cream from scratch! Using ingredients easily found at home and some Science concepts - get ready to take your tastebuds and brain juices on a delicious journey.

Members: Rose Marriam Macero Faizuddin Shaik, Kalaimagal Kalaimani, and Fathima Nuha Md Aboobacker Siddiq

The Water Saviours (S129)

- Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Ariel, Sebastian and Prince Eric. They discover ways to produce clean water from dirty and murky water through water filtration processes and condensation.

Members: Tathai Asri Akther, Balaji Venkatesan Sripradanya, Faruk Nooridha

The Finals

The finals were held on 29 October 2022, and all 3 teams performed their presentations for the entire day from 10 am to 3 pm at the Singapore Science Centre.

Team Snowy Peaks

After a long day, TWO of our teams received the Judges Awards: Team Water Saviours and team Shining Armour.

Team Water Saviours

There were only 3 Judges awards in the secondary category and we clinched TWO!

Team Shining Armour

Congratulations to all 3 teams for their hard work, creativity and for doing their best at every step of the way. From practicing in the lead up to the finals, to taking on feedback and finally, standing on their feet for 5 hours demonstrating their presentations and teaching curious visitors in the process. They gave it their all. We are very proud of all of them.

We would also like to commend all our students across all levels who participated in the competition but did not make it to the finals - their efforts allowed them to learn more, develop their public speaking skills and engage in Science in a creative and interdisciplinary way.

We also thank our teachers and staff for supporting the teams as well as making it possible for our students to experience the performance at the Singapore Science Centre.

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