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Winners of the Science Buskers Competition!

Congratulations to our wonderful students and teachers who were part of the preparation and presentations in the Science Buskers Competition. LBIS' team, 'The Supernaturals' are the Champions of the secondary division!

The Supernatural Team

The Science Buskers Competition

The Singapore Science Buskers 2021 is an annual competition run by the Singapore Science Centre that aims to:

  • promote science communication and science in creative ways

  • generate interest in science communication

  • promote science learning in fun and engaging ways

  • raise public awareness in science

A months-long effort by students and staff involving internal auditions and presentations, resulting in two teams being selected to represent the school:

  • The Sorting Hat (Aahil, Tathai and Kalai)

  • The Supernatural Team (Rose Marriam, Sri Pradanya, Sayem)

The Sorting Hat Team

The teams then auditioned for the competition in September, and The Supernatural team was shortlisted for the finals. Judge's feedback, more preparation and edits followed.

The Finals were held online on 2 November, and we were ecstatic to learn on the 18th of November that The Supernatural team had won the Secondary category!

The Winning Team's Presentation

Taking the interdisciplinary approach we love here at Lotus Bridge, our team used Macbeth, the play they were learning in Literature, as the inspiration for their presentations.

They styled themselves as the three witches, using potion-making as their jumping-off point, they explained sublimation (the process of a substance moving from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid state), through the use of dry ice.

They also explored why food colouring did not change the colour of the gas, and how to trap smoke in bubbles using the dry ice and soapy water.

The presentation can be viewed in the video below.

Here are a few more photos of the team and their presentation.

The Sorting Hat's Presentation

We also want to give a shout-out to the Sorting Hat team for their hard work and creativity. Their presentation was on using purple cabbage juice to differentiate between acid and alkali. Below are a couple of photos of their station.

We are proud of all our students for the time, energy and effort they put into their presentations, and also our wonderful staff who have supported them through this journey.



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