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Celebrating our Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Results

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

In a previous post, we shared our students' wonderful success at the first Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination at the end of 2022.

On Thursday 19 January 2023, in addition to celebrating the results of our 2022 IGCSE students, the school also came together to celebrate the success of our 2022 Year 6 students!

As a whole, the class achieved results above the international average in all three subjects.

For Mathematics and Science, our students scored 23% and 24% respectively above the international average!

A special congratulations to seven of our students who did exceptionally well: Barathi Baskar, Mashfe Ahmed, Mohammed Ghouse Yasmin Fathima, Shaik Najimudeen Afiyah Afnoon, Yahya Afeef, Kaushika Nandhakumar and Rashi Kundan.

Full Scores in All Three Subjects

Barathi Baskar
Mashfe Ahmed

Full Scores in 2 Subjects, Highest Band in Third Subject

Mohammed Ghouse Yasmin Fathima
Shaik Najimudeen Afiyah Afnoon

Full Score in Two Subjects

Yahya Afeef

Full Score in One Subject,

Highest band in Two Subjects

Kaushika Nandhakumar

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Rashi Kundan, who has since moved to Sydney, Australia with her family. She achieved full scores in 2 subjects and the highest band in one subject. We wish her all the best.

We are very proud of the whole class, and look forward to supporting them in their continuing educational journey!



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