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LBIS at NUS' Healthy Longevity Talent Incubator Open House, 13 July 2023

On the 13th of July 2023, our students attended the Healthy Longevity Talent Incubator Open House at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The school and students were very honoured to be invited to this event by Dr Suresh Rattan

The event was hosted by the NUS Academy for Healthy Longevity. The Open House was held on the last day of the Healthy Longevity Talent Incubator program in which 40 talents from 20 countries and more than 20 teachers spent two weeks thinking about solutions to combat ageing and promote longer and healthier lives.

The Open House included discussions on health optimisation and the possibilities for maximising human potential. The event started at 9 am and concluded at 11.40 am, followed by refreshments and networking.

Upon arrival, the hosts welcomed our students and introduced them to all attendees. During the Q&A session, in addition to Dr Kaur and Ms Hina, students Kalieswaran (Year 8) and Sayem (Year 10) also posed some thoughtful questions to the speakers.

For our students, the key takeaways were a better understanding of the science of ageing, and ageing healthily. They also felt they had a better understanding of the importance of active lifestyles and how making minor changes to daily habits can make a difference. The statistics around obesity and cardiometabolic risks were also front and centre in the students' mind after their attendance at this event.

At Lotus Bridge, we are always excited to take opportunities like these to allow our students to hear from experts in the field and those working at the forefront of key future challenges.

In this case, the topics were also related to the students' science syllabus and their general health. Most importantly however, this event exposed students to a few more of the variety of pathways available to them beyond their secondary education.



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