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Visit by Dr Suresh Rattan and Dr Tine Hjorth, Aarhus University Forlag on 11 July 2023

We were delighted to receive Dr Suresh Rattan and Dr Tine Hjorth at our school on the 11th of July 2023, to speak with our years 8, 9 & 10 students.

Welcoming of Dr Suresh Rattan and Dr Tine Hjorth to LBIS with a flower bouquet by Student Council

Dr Hjorth is a specialist in orthodontics and a senior clinical instructor in Dentistry at Aarhus University with numerous publications in her field.

Dr Suresh Rattan is an Emeritus Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark whose research focuses on the biology of life, death, and healthy aging among other areas.

In addition to his widely cited research papers, Dr Rattan has registered patents relating to the method and composition for ameliorating the adverse effects of aging. He has also written academic books on the science of aging as well as educational books on science for children.

The opportunity to meet and listen to Dr Rattan and Dr Hjorth was a privilege for our students and staff. Students stayed after school to attend the event and were excited to learn from the expertise of Drs Rattan and Hjorth.

Student Leaders welcoming Dr Suresh Rattan and Dr Tine Hjorth.

The event started with a brief welcome by Mr Bhajan Singh and a welcome speech by our Student Council’s President.

Drs Rattan and Hjorth in conversation with Mr Singh.

The students were then introduced to Drs Rattan and Hjorth. Dr Rattan shared about his current work on anti-ageing, and how science is involved in our day-to-day lives.

He also discussed implementing science in our lives and the importance of education in ensuring good health before a Q&A session with our students and Staff.

Students of Years 8, 9 and 10 listening to Drs Rattan and Hjorth.

The evening concluded with Nasrat (Advisor of the Student Council of Lotus Bridge International School) presenting the token of appreciation to Dr Rattan and Dr Hjorth.

It was an incredible opportunity for our school and students to learn from such wonderful and passionate experts in their field.

Group photo - LBIS Year 8, 9 and 10 students, staff, directors with Dr Rattan and Dr Hjorth.

All of us at Lotus Bridge International School would like to extend our heartfelt thanks again to both Dr Suresh Rattan and Dr Tine Hjorth for sharing their time and expertise with our students and staff.



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