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Lotus Bridge Students win AK Pattimandram Champion Shield in Tamil Journalists Contest 2024!

The Event

The Tamil Journalists Contest 2024, organised by Tamils IT Society, in conjunction with the Tamil Language Council (TLC) and the Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee (TLLPC) to promote Tamil language in Singapore, was held on the 28th of April 2024 at the NLB Woodlands Auditorium.

A contestant from each team/category was required to interview one to two of their teammates in video format. While the interviews could have been conducted in any language, the team leader or "journalist" was required to explain the interviews in spoken Tamil. The leaders were assessed on their Tamil presentations. The theme for the 2024 competition interviews was 'Capabilities '(ஆற்றல்')’.

The categories for this year's contest were: Preschool Students, Primary School Students, Secondary/JC/ITE Students, Poly/University Students and Parents/Workers.

Lotus Bridge International School fielded candidates in the Primary and Secondary categories, with a total of 13 students (including Sayem – a Bengali Language Student) participating, and winning the AK Challenge Shield! It was an honour for our students to have the Shield presented to them by the former NMP Mr. R. Dhinakaran.

Lotus Bridge International School's Participants

Group 1: Lotus Bridge Years 7 and 9 (Secondary 1 & Secondary 3)


Mohamed Ghouse Yasmin Fathima - Sec 3 - Leader

Jeneera Zameen Abdul Aseem - Sec 1

Subbiah Sreema Gowri - Sec 1

Mohanasundaram Ahilan - Sec 3

Group 2: Lotus Bridge Year 10 (Secondary 4)

Balaji Venkatesan Sripradanya - Leader

Kalaimani Kalaimagal

Abdul Aseem Aneef Aslan

Fathima Nuha Md Aboobacker Siddiq

Sayem Muntasir Mamun – Bengali Language Student


Group 3: Lotus Bridge Year 6 (Primary 5 & Primary 6)

Praanav Mohan Nithya - P6 - Leader

Namachivayam Dhashvin - P6

Avien Anbu Ashvin Antro - P5

Jainab Zaahidah Mohamed Ghouse - P5


Preparation and Recording

Our students diligently prepared for the competition in the lead up to the event, with Ms. Sulochana, our Tamil language teacher guiding the students on the competition scripts and rehearsals.

Our recording team comprised: Mdm. Maksuda Almazi, our Bengali language teacher, our student councilors, Sayem Muntasir Mamun, Das Joy Kumar, and our administrative staff, Ms. Shasinthirah Jayakumar.


In the feedback received by our students, organisers indicated that the Tamil spoken by our students was very clear, with excellent word choices for the purposes of the competition.

Media Coverage

Ms. Sulochana and a number of our students and parents were interviewed on their experiences in participating in the competition.

Ms. Sulochana being interviewed.

Aneef and Kalaimagal being interviewed.

Kalieswaran and Sayem being interviewed.

The School is Extremely Proud of our Students

We are very proud of our students' efforts in preparing for this competition, and with how well they did. We are also proud of the efforts of our staff in supporting and guiding our students in this and other activities outside of their teaching responsibilities.

At Lotus Bridge International School we take our language education and bilingualism seriously, ensuring our teachers are able to support our students effectively in the languages we offer at the school. We are happy to have our Tamil language outcomes highlighted in this and the Tirukkural Vizha 2024 Tamil Literacy competition and are also very proud of our students' language outcomes in our other mother tongue language offerings.

The Shield

We are proud to be the custodians of the shield for the year.



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